The 5 First Critical Steps to Ensure a Smooth Office Fit Out.

There are tens if not hundreds of reasons to refurbish your office space. Among them could be the need for a change-up due to evolution in the company’s fabric, a simple upgrade in interior design, densifying the space to acquire more employees, styling up to acquire higher revenues in leasing or renting, the relocation into a new space or simply a boost of morale for your employees.

Whatever your reasons are, one thing is certain, fit outs can be overwhelming. To ensure your project is successful and runs smoothly follow this guide.

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Here are the 5 steps you need to take for fit out:

  1. Identify the reasons for the fit out.
    Company such as Evolve Relocation tells that a fit out is a daunting task however don’t let that stop you. Let begin, Renovating an interior spaces has a huge difference in the attitudes of both employees and clients. Despite this, however, beauty and style are not always the motivation behind office overhauls. Before you embark to change the design and look of your office space, list down all the reasons behind the fit out, in the order of importance. This is the first step in understanding whether you actually require it in the first place. Sometimes, seeing nice high-end interiors could lead you to desire a renovation, yet it is not in your organization’s best interest. Listing the reasons for this fit-out is thus an important prerequisite to any tangible effort.
  2. List down your needs.
    After the conclusion that after all, you need this office fit out to boost your operations, list down all requirements that will meet the reasons in the first step above. This feasibility study will ensure the commodities purchased are in accordance with the existing gaps, re-use of what you already have, recycling if possible, all in an attempt to avoid wastage. Consider space requirements, utility, the organisational structure, storage and even factors like infrastructure, parking and so on. Keep refreshing your needs until the list ultimately meets step one.
  3. Consider the future of your organisation against trends in the market.
    Your relocation or refurbishment should endeavour to increase profitability or morale for your employees, a positive outcome is integral. This said, when making choices on office plans, look at what the office plans of tomorrow look like to avoid another fit out in no time. Apart from structural considerations, look at the company’s potential growth in the next 5-10years, and anticipate any decline to avoid over investing.
  4. Prepare a budget
    This could potentially be one of the biggest expenditures of your organisation. Evaluate how much your organisation can afford to spare. To do this, assess your list in 2 above and conduct thorough research on market prices for your proposals. Pick the cost-conscious options. Keep reviewing your budget against the real cost of commodities and consultation.
  5. Choose the Right consultants for design and build.
    Finding the perfect partner to award the contract is based on a lot of considerations. How much do they charge? What is the quality of services? Are there any previous clients and reviews? In terms of their proficiency and knowledge, what is their level of expertise? And numerous other questions. Answering these is a sure way of getting a consultant who will save you time and money.


Whether it’s your first time undertaking an office fit out or not. These five first steps will make the whole process timely, stress-free, productive and on budget.